Instructions for use Skincell Pro

Instructions for the use of the serum Skincell Pro

Instructions for use of serum, Skincell Pro

Serum for correction of warts, moles and skin spots Skincell Pro appeared in the UNITED states recently, but already it has established itself as a very effective drug-based and natural.


Apply the serum Skincell Pro it is worth when it is detected the first signs of the following skin problems:

  • Warts;
  • Neo;
  • Age spots.

The serum can also be used for removing skin tumors such as warts or moles, but also to standardize the color of the skin with its pigmentation. All of these problems, in addition to harmful effects on the body, can ruin the appearance of the skin, showing her pain. This, of course, can not put in the second floor, the general impression is that of a man, who suffers from similar problems often seems to be a little attractive, not well groomed.


Because the serum is made with only natural ingredients, you can apply to almost all people, with skin problems such as warts, moles or skin spots. In very rare cases may occur skin allergy in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the medication. In this case, it is necessary to suspend the treatment and consult a dermatologist.

How to use

Use the serum Skincell Pro enough, so it is convenient to apply at home. All you need - is to apply the product on the damaged skin 2-3 times a day. The treatment can last from 3 weeks to 4 months, depending on the degree of negligence problems.

Since the serum has no side effects, can be applied so long as it requires the condition of the skin, up to complete elimination of the problem.